How to Change Preferred/Chosen Name, Pronoun(s), Gender, Ethnicity (52 sec.)

These video instructions will show students how to change their preferred name and preferred pronoun(s) on the rosters they appear in. The change is instant on rosters once you hit "submit" but may take an additional 10 working days to be changed in other parts of your record. Students also have the option (but are not required to) submit their self-identified gender identity and/or ethnicity for the purposes of institutional reporting.

NOTE: Submitting a preferred/chosen name, pronoun(s), gender identification(s), and/or ethnicity(/ies) are optional fields and do not have to be submitted. If these fields are blank then the biographical data you submitted at the time of application or last name change will be used in communication and/or institutional reporting purposes.

For legal name changes or for an alternative way of changing your preferred/chosen name, you may also submit an online Name Change Request form.