View Class Schedule (registration confirmation)

After submitting a registration request, whether during your Priority Registration Appointment time or during Open Registration it is important to review your newly created or updated schedule for accuracy.  This should also be done prior the beginning of a semester to ensure that your schedule meets your expectation.

In order to review your schedule, you will need to access the My Class Schedule page, located under the Academic Profile section on WebAdvisor.

Schedule Location

Prior to displaying your course schedule, you must first select the term you with to view your schedule for.

Select Term

  1. Select the term you wish to view your schedule for.  You may view current, future or past schedules.

After selecting the desired term, you will have your schedule displayed


  1. Total units enrolled for the term will displayed at the top of your schedule
  2. Course name and title will display.  You may click on the hyperlink to obtain more details about the class, as seen below.
  3. Summary for meeting day, time and location.  For full details, especially in the case for a course with multiple meeting patterns (such as Monday 1-3:45 in Room 20A and Wednesdays 1-3:45 in Room 16A) please use the hyperlink to see full details about the course meeting times
  4. Registered credits for the course are displayed.  In most instances this will be ‘3’
  5. The start date of the semester in question will be shown

Details available using the hyperlinked name/title are as follows:

Schedule Details

  1. Course Title and Section Number
  2. Course Description, including what requirements the course may satisfy towards degree completion
  3. Full meeting details
  4. Faculty name and contact information
  5. Prerequisites for the course

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