Add/Drop: open until the 2nd Friday of the semester

The Register and Drop Sections page will allow you to complete the registration process for selected sections, waitlist into a full section, remove courses from your Preferred Sections list or drop a section from your schedule prior to the end of the Add/Drop period.  You will not be able to process any registration requests if you have a hold on your account.  For instructions on how to verify this please see here.

If not already at the Register and Drop Sections page (such as after populating your Preferred Sections list) you may find it as follows:

Register and Add/Drop

1. Select the Register for Sections and Add/Drop link found under the Registration header

2. Select the Register for previously selected sections link

Once at the Register and Drop Sections page you may proceed with your requests as follows:

Register and Drop Sections

  1. The upper section of this screen shows your ‘Preferred Sections’ (those courses currently in your ‘shopping cart’).  These are the courses you may register for or add onto a waitlist for.
  2. The bottom section shows your Current Registrations. 
  3. You may elect to drop any courses you are currently registered for by marking the checkbox in the Drop column.
  4. For your Preferred Sections, you may select the following actions:
    1. ‘Register’ will process your registration into the class, assuming there is space and you meet any prerequisites
    2. ‘Remove from List’ will remove the class from your Preferred Sections.  Use this if you are no longer interested in registering for a class
    3. ‘Waitlist’ will add you to the waitlist for a class.  This option is only valid if the course is at capacity and has space available on the waitlist.
  5. Section Name and Title may be clicked on to bring up a secondary page with further details on the course, including description, prerequisites and faculty contact information
  6. Meeting Information will indicate day, time and location for class sessions.  For classes with multiple meeting patterns, only the first is shown on this summary page.  Full details are available by using the hyperlinked Section Name and Title (see #2 above)
  7. Faculty name
  8. Available spots in a section and an indication of the maximum number of students able to enroll into the section.   Please be aware that the available number of spots may have changed since you added the course to your Preferred Sections list.

Once all choices have been made and submitted you will be taken to the Registration Results page:

Registration Results

  1. The upper block will list all registration actions that were previously submitted, along with an indication of the status of the action.  Please pay close attention to the status notifications. This section will indicate if you are registered or waitlisted for any or all of your course selections.
  2. The middle block lists all classes you are currently enrolled in. 
  3. The lower block will list any classes you currently are on the waitlist for.

Once completed, please be certain to verify that the courses you are currently enrolled in matches your expectations. Instructions for viewing your course schedule can be found here.

Last modified: Friday, 18 August 2017, 10:49 AM