How to run and read a Program Evaluation

Your Program Evaluation shows how the courses you have completed, are currently taking, or have added to your education plan apply toward your degree completion. It also reports any requirements you still need to complete to graduate.

To view your Program Evaluation log into WebAdvisor and navigate to the Student Menu.  You will find the Program Evaluation link in the Academic Planning section.  Additionally, the Program Evaluation can be found under the Plan Courses menu.

Evaluation Options

  1. You may select to run your Program Evaluation for your current program or for a program you are considering.  For example, if you are considering changing your major from Sculpture to New Genres you can run an evaluation based upon the requirements for the New Genres Program
  2. You may select to include either
    • Registered/Preregistered courses, which will include only those courses that you have transferred in, completed, are currently taking or are enrolled for in a future semester
    • All courses, which will include all of the above plus any courses you have placed onto your Course Planning Worksheet an not yet registered for

After clicking submit, your report will run and display in your browser.

Evaluation Header

1. Your name and student ID number.

2. The degree program the report was run for. If incorrect, contact the Registrar’s Office.

3. Your SFAI email address.

4. GPA and Overall Credits; specifically, this section indicates number of units required for your degree, completed, remaining, in-progress, and anticipated remaining.

After the header information, the report will be divided into individual categories of Program Requirements:

Evaluation Sections

Each of these requirement groups may be further divided into sub-requirements (i.e., Global Art History is a sub-requirement of Art History Core Requirements):

Evaluation Requirment Detail

  1. For each requirement and/or sub-requirement a status will be listed.  The various status levels are:
    • Complete – this requirement has been fulfilled.  No additional coursework is necessary
    • In Progress – this requirement/sub-requirement has been started, but there are still additional items left to complete
    • Pending Completion of unfinished activity – this requirement/sub-requirement has been started and will be completed pending the successful completion of any current coursework
    • Not Started  – coursework for this requirement/sub-requirement has not yet been started (may be a planned course)


  1. If the requirement has been completed, is in progress or is pending completion, further details will be listed. No grade will be displayed for courses marked as In Progress or Pending Completion.
  2. For outstanding requirements, a summary of what is remaining is provided.
  3. Certain courses may have notations associated with them, which will be explained at the bottom of the report.  Common notations are:
    • IP for In Progress courses (current semester registrations)
    • PR for Pre-Registered courses (courses for a future semester)
    • PL for Planned courses (courses planned for a future semester, but not yet registered for)
    • TE for transfer credit awards

The next section of your evaluation will include sections for the Off-Campus, Global Studies, Media Breadth, and Drawing Breadth requirements. These areas verify that the courses you have taken will fulfill these four program requirements, as well as a degree requirement. For example:

Multiple Uses

In your Program Evaluation, you may have a final section called “Other Courses.” This section will list any courses that are not currently being applied towards your degree program, including:


Other Courses

  1. Courses not currently applied to your degree program are listed in the Other Courses section
  2. If a course is listed that has a passing grade (i.e. not W, WF, I/F or F) or indicates earned credits (a value other than 0) please contact the Registrar’s Office
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