About Moodle

Moodle (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) is a free open-source learning management system or e-Learning platform, that serves educators and learners across the globe. It is the most widely used LMS in the world and currently has over 68 million users world-wide (and growing!).

At SFAI, we use Moodle to supply online learning tools in support of the institutes courses.  Moodle is also synced with the registration information for every student at the beginning of each semester.  All students and teachers are added as participants to the Moodle courses that corresponds to the courses they are enrolled in or teaching.

Moodle is also used as a hub for both information and for many of the systems that SFAI utilizes to enhance learning, streamline communication, and support student success.  These systems include Google Apps for Education, Lynda.com, Pronunciator, and others. 

To learn more about Moodle, go to moodle.com and read articles, browse the documnetaion, search for topics, or join the community.

Facts About Moodle

  • Moodle is the world’s most widely used learning management system
  • Moodle is a massively successful open-source project
  • Core moodle has a robust set of teaching & learning tools
  • Moodle has thousands of regular community contributors pushing the product forward everyday
  • Moodle is free for anyone to download and support, but resources are necessary to maintain the system
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