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  • General

    • Osher Lecture Hall

      The Lecture Hall at the 800 Chestnut Street is an audio-visual facility providing support for lectures, classes, film screenings, performances and more. In addition to housing Public Programs and large lecture courses at SFAI, the Osher Lecture Hall may be reserved for student-led projects, or large staff meetings.

      This page is the informational hub for the Lecture Hall. It contains information on the Lecture Hall’s resources, along with links to videos of public events, reservation procedures, and other important information pertaining to the area.

      Note: this page is open to guests, but if you would like to receive notifications, news, and alerts from the Lecture Hall, please subscribe to this page by clicking the ‘enroll me in this course’ link in the ‘Administration’ block.

      • Staff

        The Osher Lecture Hall is managed by the Film Studio Manager & Technical Director with the assistance of student Film Resource Assistants. 

        Christopher Paddock

        Film Studio Manager & Technical Director

        ‭1 (415) 351-3526‬


        Film Resource Office

        Located near Studio 26, downstairs

        1 (415) 749-4529

        • Reservations

          All Osher Lecture Hall reservations must follow a specific reservation process that differs from other spaces on campus! 

          Due to the additional staffing that most events require, communication is required well in advance of any event or meeting.

          If you are interested in utilizing the Osher Lecture hall, and are a current student, faculty member, or a member of the SFAI staff, please complete the steps listed below.


          1. Holding a Date: Beginning a Reservation Process

          You can inquire about the availability for your event with the General Services Manager, who oversees room reservations. The office of the General Services Manager is in the Diego Mailroom, at the rear of the Diego Rivera Gallery. Please remember, reservations must be made not later than two weeks prior to your event date.

          The General Services Manager can be reached by email at, or by phone at (415) 749-4541.


          2. Event Details and Date Approval

          Before your reservation can be approved, a more detailed outline of your event should be submitted to the Lecture Hall Technical Director. Please complete the following form, which will begin the process of planning the technical aspects of your event and staffing the lecture hall to ensure a smooth show.

          Osher Lecture Hall Reservation Request


          3. Facility Use Form

          Any campus event open to the Public which hosts individuals who are not current students, staff or faculty at SFAI, must be approved by a Facility Use Form. These forms are found in the Diego Mailroom, and require signatures from several staff members on campus. 

          Remember to give yourself enough time to fill out a facility use form. Also, be advised that approval for Lecture Hall usage mentioned above is independent of the approval process of the required facility use form. An approved Facility Use Form does not confirm your reservation of the Lecture Hall.

          • Facilities

            The Lecture Hall is a large cinema-style auditorium seating 249 people.

            Some of the Lecture Hall facilities include:

            • Digital projection at 1080p
            • Large analog house sound amplification system
            • 16mm projection with sound
            • Podium for presentations with microphone amplification, video and sound outlets for laptop projection display
            • Support for screening a range of video file formats, Blu-ray, DVD, VHS, MiniDV Tape
            • Video documentation for live events
            • Location

              The Lecture Hall is located in the Clay building at SFAI's 800 Chestnut Street campus. It is adjacent to the "Quad", on the same level as the Café and Walter and McBean Galleries. The main entrance is directly next to AV Equipment Checkout and the bicycle storage area. The main exit is located directly next to the fully accessible, gender-neutral restrooms in the Quad.