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    Downstairs, underneath the vending machines, right next to the downstairs bathrooms.



    Monday – Thursday
    8:30 AM - 8:30 PM

    8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

    Saturday - Sunday
    12:30 PM - 4:00 PM




    We prefer you make reservations in person, so we can show you items and answer questions. 

    However, we do accept phone reservations at this number:

    (415) 749-4529

    And through email: or

    • Equipment List / Handbook

      While most of our gear is available to ALL with no training - an extremely rare thing to find in a school or university - it is important to know the rules and regulations involved with renting gear. And, there is some gear that requires training, or is specific to certain classes. 

      Please download the PDF that is attached to this Equipment Section to see the full array of equipment, as well as to get up-to-date on our rules and policies. Thanks!


    • Policies

      The following are some important points taken directly from the Handbook. Please read the actual Handbook for more information.


      Daily checkout schedule:

      Monday checkouts are due back Wednesday morning at 11am
      Tuesday checkouts are due back Thursday morning at 11am
      Wednesday checkouts are due back Friday morning at 11am
      Thursday checkouts are due back Monday morning at 11am
      Friday checkouts are due back Monday morning at 11am


      Weekend checkouts:
      Must be reserved during the week equipment doors lock on Friday at 5:00 PM:

      Saturday checkouts are due back Monday morning at 11am
      Sunday checkouts are due back Monday morning at 11am


      Hourly Checkout Schedule:
      Due back same day, equipment is not to leave 800 Chestnut ST campus.




      Equipment and checkout classifications

      Basic Equipment- No training is required.

      Advanced Equipment - Marked with (ADV), advanced gear requires training to be checked out. Trainings can be obtained in classes or by signing up for group trainings on moodle.

      Daily Checkout- Production equipment such as photo, film and lighting gear may be taken off campus for the designated daily checkout periods.

      Hourly Checkout- AV Equipment such as laptops, speakers, monitors and projectors are checked our hourly and must stay on campus.

      Installations and Exhibitions- We support students who have exhibitions at the 800 Chestnut Street Campus, including the Diego Rivera Gallery, installation rooms and other spaces on campus as approved by appropriate staff members.

      *Grad Students are exempt – they may check out equipment without training if they are able to demonstrate adequate knowledge of requested gear.

      You may not checkout more than one piece of the same gear (2 TM900’s, 2 DSLR’s, etc) unless you get permission from the Equipment Checkout Supervisor in advance.


      Students will receive a strike each time a reservation is not picked up, if equipment is found unattended, and when equipment is returned late or in an incomplete state (missing parts, partial returns). This applies for Hourly checkout items, Daily checkout items, and studios. Gear can be extended if the student checks in with us before the time it is due to see if it is available.

      1st STRIKE: You will receive a verbal warning from Equipment Checkout Supervisor.

      2nd STRIKE: Loss of checkout privileges for 1 week.

      3rd STRIKE: Loss of checkout privileges for 2 weeks.

      4th STRIKE: Loss of checkout privileges for the current semester.


      If we do not receive the gear back within one week from the original checkout date, and all strikes have been applied, the gear in question will be considered lost. The student will promptly be charged for brand new replacement gear.

      These strikes are not department specific – they apply to all areas of checkout, reservation and studio space throughout SFAI

      Strikes can potentially be avoided if the gear is not in demand and if the student calls or emails before 11am on the due date –

      Gear not returned one week after the due date, or by the end of business day on the last day of the semester, is subject to a replacement charge.


      Any individual, at any time, may be denied use of the SFAI equipment and/or access to facilities if any misuse or abuse of any equipment, reservation privileges, and equipment use policies, improper conduct or behavior, which is otherwise hazardous or disturbing to others, occurs.

      • User Manuals

        Manuals and Cheat Sheets for most of our equipment are located here! Please download these, so you can reference them if you have trouble in the field!

        • We have two categories of gear - BASIC and ADVANCED. BASIC gear requires no training before checking out. ADVANCED gear requires training and/or is reserved for specific classes/grade levels. Please read below and refer to the Handbook for more information. Refer to the Training Section to sign up for Advanced Gear and Studio trainings.
      • Insurance

        SFAI does NOT provide insurance for equipment checked out by students, staff, or faculty. When you check out gear, you are financially responsible for anything lost, stolen, or broken. If you want to avoid paying $3500 for a Canon Mark III that was stolen during your reservation (for example), you can purchase individual student insurance. A small deductible of a couple of hundred dollars is far better than a $3500 bill!

        Here are the two companies we recommend, if you want to purchase student production insurance. Once purchased, it is good for one year. Please present the Checkout Office with a copy for our files, if you choose this option.

        • Staff